Beat the Summer Slide

Summer is an important time for students to strengthen their academic skills and fill in any learning gaps. Research shows that many students lose two to three months’ worth of reading and math skills over the summer. Here are six fun and educational things you can do to help your child beat the summer slide:

1.Read Daily

Reading over the summer is critical to maintaining your child’s reading skills. Make reading a part of your summer routine. Many local libraries offer summer reading programs and contests where students can keep track of the books they have read over the summer.

2. Incorporate Technology

Use educational games and applications to practice and fine tune the skills your child needs to work on.

3. Create a Summer Journal

Combine your child’s favorite summer activities with writing prompts. Your child can craft his or her own journal to make writing more exciting. Writing a few sentences a day can help maintain sentence structures, penmanship, and vocabulary.

4. Take Trips to the Museum and Zoo

Museums are great resources for learning… and did I mention they are free? Be sure to take your time and allow children to read all of the great signs and graphics set up at each exhibit.

5. Hands on Learning

Maker Education and Project Based Learning are all the rage right now. These types of learning practices encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. You can read more about how to create a makerspace at home here:

6. Play Card Games

Traditional card games incorporate logic and arithmetic in a fun, playful manner. Here are some great ideas:

Happy Summer!

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